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  • Before you order plans please check with all parties involved, Builder, Lender, and Permitting Dept.. This will help you determine how many sets of plans are needed for your project.
  • We do not offer material list. Check with your builder or the local building materials supplier.
  • Our plans include Foundation Plan, Floor plan, Electrical Plan, four Elevations, Roof Plan, Typical Wall Section/Sections. Please view our "about us" page for more information.
  • All plans provided by Southern Home Design are drawn to the International Residential Building Code (IRC)
  • We are not responsible for any other local building codes.
  • All sales are final and no refunds or exchanges will be made. Please review plans carefully before purchasing.

Southern Home Design, LLC plans are sold through a license agreement for construction of a single home on one lot. A street address or lot number is required to complete the purchase of your plans. Any construction on another lot will require a separate plan license. You are also required to provide a copy of your site plan before we can complete your plan package.

  1200 - 2499 SQ FT 2500 - 3499 SQ FT 3500 + SQ FT
One Set (Study Set)
** Stamped Not For Construction**
$350.00 $350.00 $350.00
One Set/License Fee $550.00 $650.00 $750.00
Five Sets $650.00 $750.00 $850.00
Eight Sets $750.00 $850.00 $950.00
CAD File
$900.00 $999.99 $999.99
Additional Sets $40.00 $40.00 $40.00
Readable Reverse Set $100.00 $100.00 $100.00
Blueprints (24 x 36) $3.00 per sheet
Update to IRC Code $250.00 Min. Call for additional information.
Site Plans
Garage/Carport Plans
Billed at an hourly rate.......Call for pricing.
$200.00 Min. Call for additional information.
$300.00 Min. Call for additional information.
Custom Plans Call for pricing and additional information
Shipping & handling:
UPS Ground:
UPS Ground
UPS Next Day
$40.00 up to 8 sets
$50.00 up to 8 sets
$65.00 up to 8 sets

* Modifications.........A deposit is required & a signed contract to begin your modifications. Please call for pricing and additional information.
* We provide custom designs. Our fee for a custom design project includes total sq. ft. of your project. All heated sq .ft. as well as unheated sq .ft. (This includes porches, garages, and decks) Please call us for additional information.
* We can provide engineering for your project if it is required. We offer this service only in North Carolina and South Carolina.
* We do provide ink, graphite, and color renderings of your new home that are suitable for framing. Please call for additional information.

Modifications by Purchaser: When you purchase plans on a CD or receive them via email from Southern Home Design, LLC, the modifications made by you or your agent must have this note on each page.
"This is a modification of a copyrighted plan by Southern Home Design, LLC."

Only the original purchaser has the license to construct a home from these plans. This license cannot be transferred, assigned, or sub-licensed to any other party. Copies are not to be licensed, sold, or given to anyone other than the original purchaser.

Southern Home Design, LLC will not be responsible or liable for any changes made to CAD files by others.


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