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custom home plan design, custom home floor plan design, build custom home design

  Tom Lee,  owner and founder of Southern Home Design, established the company in 1990,  as a college student. The foundation of values that were put in place then still exist today.  Keeping the client first, working hard, creating designs in a timely manner... and above all, doing what we said we would do!  Looking back over the last 23 years,  we are thankful for the opportunities that we've had. We're equally proud to state that we have provided design services for numerous clients. Today, every project is still approached with a sharp focus on the clients' needs.  

  We have always spent much time in the preliminary phase of the design process. We have learned that the more time that is spent discussing the needs and dreams of the client,  the more confidence that our clients gain in their design. Then,   when construction actually begins,  the homeowners are in the best possible position.

  We believe that having a well planned design for your new home with detailed specifications are critical for a trouble-free home building experience. Our knowledge and understanding of building codes and building structures enssures that your custom home plan design will be accurate and complete and will be accepted and approved by Building Departments in a timely manner.

Professional Building Designer  If you are considering a new home, a custom home, and addition or renovation, we have the talent,  experience and creativity to produce the custom home floor plan design that will meet all your needs. We offer complete professional design services including plan development and consulting. We know that every project is personal,  unique and requires special attention because every family brings special needs and concerns. We are prepared to address each need. 


Since our establishment in 1990 we have successfully provided professional drafting and home designer services for:


  • Contractors/Builders (Residential as well as Commercial)
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Homeowners
  • Architects
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Developers
  • Landscapers




Providing services for:

custom home design, custom home plan design, custom home floor plan design, build custom home design, Southern Home Designs Myrtle Beach South Carolina.
  • New Construction
  • Custom Homes
  • Remodeling
  • Renovations
  • Additions
  • Floor Plans
  • Pools and Spas (residential as well as commercial)
  • Light Commercial (under 5000 sq. ft.)
  • Pool Houses
  • Club Houses
  • Landscaping



  Our custom design service is available for residential as well as light commercial designs. We produce clear,  accurate,  complete and professional designs that respect our client's budget. We are attentive to our clients needs in order to create the custom design that will best suit their dreams, tastes and lifestyles no matter the style, size, or location of your home. After yourplans are completed,  we can consult with you through the construction of your project,  if needed ( see Construction Managment).



  We can create custom home design plans from sketches, walking through the entire process to completed permit drawings. We can provide plans, per your request, for spec. homes, additions, renovations and custom homes. We can meet with you or your client or both. We are willing and prepared to work with your schedule. If you have a design need,  we can meet it. We have built a reputation for meeting your design needs in a timely and efficient manner.



  If this is your first home or your custom dream home,  we can help! During your free consultation,  we will discuss your project in-depth. If you have not found the “stock plan” that meets your current need,   our professional team is available to create a custom design for you…....remember, the best projects begin with professional plans.


Finished Construction Drawings Package:


  • Cover Sheet
  • Site Plan (as required)
  • Detailed Floor Plan  (door & window schedule, finish schedule)
  • Foundation Plan  
  • Electrical Plan  
  • Demolition Plan …as required for additions and renovations 
  • Exterior Elevations     
         Front View
                Rear View
                Right Side View
                Left Side view

  • Details
         Typ. Wall Sections
         Full Cross Section (as required)
  • Roof Plan
  • Specifications
         To be completed by builder/home owner
  • A CD containing your set of plans 
  •  A printed set of your plans   (PDF) on 8 1/2" x 11" paper
  • Renderings  (cover sheet) and various other artwork as needed


  You will receive (8) sets of plans upon completion of your design project. Additional copies are available per clients request for an additonal cost.

Any changes/revisions made after the construction documents/plans are completed will be invoiced at a quoted hourly fee discussed in the initial meeting.

All costs are discussed at the initial meeting and agreed to prior to  commencement of services. Once fees are agreed to verbally, a full written agreement/contract is provided indicating all costs for the project

  Fees for design services/construction documents are normally calculated on a square footage basis. Please feel free to contact our offices for a specific fee schedule to determine the appropriate fee for your upcoming project.

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